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Mental Illness Programs and Services

Adult Mental Illness Outpatient Services

 Adult outpatient treatment focuses on recovery, symptom reduction, illness management, and stabilization.  Initial assessments determine the most appropriate type of therapeutic intervention for each person.   Services include individual, group, and family therapy, education about mental illness for groups and individuals, and psychiatric evaluation and management.  Adult outpatient services provide care for adults 19 and older.

Assertive Community Treatment -- ACT

ACT is a multi-disciplinary team whose members provide treatment, rehabilitation, and support to those with a serious mental illness.  Most of those served by the team have had multiple hospitalizations.  The team helps the individuals in all aspects of community living.   Services are provided in community settings that are most convenient and easily accessed.

Bridge Team

Bridge is a multi-disciplinary team that primarily focuses on helping those who are in crisis or in need of more intensive services to gain or maintain stability.   The team provides intensive short-term support to help each person function independently and prevent re-hospitalization.

Mental Health Court Team

Mental Health Court Team utilizes the least restrictive and most cost efficient option judged to be effective.  The team's goal: to restore and improve, decrease psychiatric hospitalization and further legal involvement. Decisions about extent and nature of services are made mutually with the person receiving services, treatment staff, and involved legal entities.


Case Management

Case management services are provided to those who are working toward recovery, but continue to require supports to maintain independent living within the community.  Case managers provide links to community resources and supports that will help improve each person’s quality of life.



Diversion Team

The Diversion Team provides home and community-based services for people identified as having involvement with legal authorities.  The team also provides assessment, treatment, and recommendations in the Tuscaloosa County jail and court systems.